November 2009

»Uomini d’Onore« is a disquieting documentary about the Calabrian Mafia. Francesco Sbano forgoes the usual clichés and lets the mafiosi and even one boss speak for themselves. And so the circle that began ten years ago comes to a close: it was then that Sbano released the first compilation of Mafia songs - called Canti die Malavita. These, and the documentary, point out the existence of cultural elements rarely associated with the Mafia and its crimes, telling of a different, rough Calabria. This edition includes the documentary on DVD and an audio CD with 17 of the most powerful Mafia ballads.

Watching the documentary and listening to the songs invokes the feeling of facing an uncomfortable truth.

Release date in Germany:
December 4, 2009 (DVD and Audio CD

Release date in Italy:
December 2, 2009 (DVD only)


The film is being distributed worldwide by Cinecittá Luce.

April 2009

Mazza Films is happy to announce a co-production partnership with Corazón International for our project "Uomini D'onore".

Corazón is well known for the internationally successful movies of director Fatih Akin.

In response to the shower of E-mail queries on where "Uomini D'onore / Men of Honour" is being screened or can be bought, we'd like to take this opportunity to inform you that our film is still to be released.

When 6 people were murdered in a Mafia dispute in Duisburg/Germany in August 2007, we decided to research the facts on these Mafia killings and integrate them in our documentary.